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Does Google consider SEO to be SPAM or illegal?

Will SEO still exist in five years?

Is social media marketing Key to SEO in 2012?

How to optimize a site on a small budget?


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Search Engine Optimization? What does this really mean?

Organic Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is simply a catch phrase that encompasses a variety of programming and Internet marketing techniques that can align a website's content, programming, and even URL with strategic keyword and key phrase targeting. Doing so makes it easier for a search engine’s algorithm to understand a website's focus and relevancy. When search engines like Google, MSN, AltaVista or Yahoo have a better understanding of a site and its importance, they give it a higher ranking. These sites appear in so called "natural" or "organic" listings, which are free compared to sponsored listings.

Simply put, the purpose of SEO is to make certain that prospective customers find your website when they are ready to buy. Ok but how does this compare to paid advertising?
What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click marketing or paid advertisements are ways to immediately attract customers and traffic to your site by buying sponsored advertising from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or small search engines; for example, Alta Vista, Netscape and others. Sponsored links appear on the top (or on the bottom) and on the right column of listings. Listings in the middle of the page belong to natural, “organic” listings and are free. What do users prefer - Organic or Paid?

What do users prefer - SEO or PPC?

Research shows that 70 percent of internet users click on natural organic listings (SEO), versus 30 percent that choose paid/sponsored listings (PPC). The natural links are perceived as unbiased, therefore more credible then the paid links.

Why is it so important for your website to rank high on Google?

Is your website ranked on the first page of Google results for broad search descriptions of your products, services or industry?

Ok so what needs to be done to my site for it to be ranked on top?

In order to SEO your site, we need to apply changes both on page and off page. We know you have worked hard to develop your brand and image. We will retain your current look and feel while adding some marketing and layout improvements for better sales conversions. We may suggest additional changes along the way but will always seek your approval before implementation.
The main goal is to increase high quality traffic and conversion rates (convert traffic in to money).

Ok sounds great but how much does SEO this cost?

Optimization pricing range from as low as $2000 right up to $45 000 depending on the campaign. Many factors such as Size & Complexity of Website, Current page Rank/Backlinks to site, Size of Brand/Organization and Difficulty of Project / Market Competitiveness can affect the final price.


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